Other Useful Things to Know:

  • Mobile phones must be turned off or on silent (not vibrate) during class.
  • As we spend periods of time in inverted positions (such as forward bends) it’s best not to eat meals for up to 2 hours prior to class. Light snacks are ok.
  • Please let Susie know if you have an injury, illness or are pregnant, for your own comfort and safety.
  • If you are unwell with flu or a cold, please relax at home and only come to class when you’re well.
  • If you have to leave prior to the end of class, please do so quietly so as not to intrude on the other yogis’ experience of the class.   This includes refraining from speaking until you’ve left the building.

About the Author:

I’m a Clinical Nutritionist, Registered Yoga & Meditation Teacher and Mind-Body connection specialist and I spend my days passionately exploring the world of food, nutrition and the psychology of eating.

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