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Meditation…now THIS is a juicy topic.

There are records of humans using meditation techniques for thousands of years, and there’s no specific date that can be pinpointed for when it started. India and China have documented meditation on cave paintings and artifacts which confirms these practices were taking place in the 2nd half of the first millennium BC.

There are many many forms of meditation practice that take place all over the world today. There is no doubt that there are both physical and mental health benefits from regular practice.

Meditation has become more mainstream in Western cultures and I’ll be exploring this and writing about it in the Blog, and you can find those articles on the link below.  I’m a qualified and Registered Meditation Teacher and have been trained to develop programs for Personal Development, Spiritual Development and Therapeutic goals.  If you would like to work with me in person or via Skype, please Contact me here.

You can also check out the Head This Way Facebook page for an article I posted there in December. This is a fascinating article unveiling some research by neuroscientists at Harvard University (yes, Harvard!) which showed that just 8 weeks of meditation produced “massive changes inside the brain’s gray matter”, and this was measured by MRI scans. I’ve summarised this article on the Blog right here.

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