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Delicious Raw Cheescake

Raw desserts are so hot right now!  I've been sceptical about how much flavour they have, but recently there's a local raw dessert bar that's opened near me and I've been blown away by how yummy they are.  And bonus [...]

3 Easy Motivation Hacks

Some days, it’s really hard to get motivated to do the tasks we need to get done.  This can be because we feel tired, overwhelmed or we just don’t feel like doing anything!  There’ve been decades [...]

It’s Hard to get Excited About Salad…

Salads were never something I used to get excited about. Even now, as a Nutritionist in training, I still struggle to get excited about salad. But...since I started studying Nutritional Medicine full time on campus, [...]

Are Superfoods Really All That Super??

Superfoods – hype or not? Are they really worth spending money on? The term superfood is thrown around in the media often these days, and really, what does it actually mean? Superfoods are defined by [...]


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