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  • start before you are ready

If you’d said to me a year ago that I’d be embarking on this internet business journey, I’d have been like, yeah right, whatever!!

Even a couple of months ago when I was retrenched from my corporate job, this business seemed like a distant dream.

Yesterday I launched the Head This Way Facebook page, and this web page also went live.  I thought to myself – No! I want professional photos before I show this to anyone and I want lots of posts to be loaded up first and I want everything to be PERFECT before it goes live and I need a whole heap of content waiting to be posted and have it all beautifully scheduled, etc, etc.

Ha!  If I waited for that, this site would never get launched.

And here’s the thing…I’ve been overwhelmed by the kind comments and support from dear friends, and new friends, who’ve found me only through this venture and this has made something very clear to me.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, it can evolve organically and somewhat randomly – it’s ok.

I’ll be filtering out more info about what Head This Way is over the next week or so.  Some exciting stuff coming soon xx



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I’m a Clinical Nutritionist, Registered Yoga & Meditation Teacher and Mind-Body connection specialist and I spend my days passionately exploring the world of food, nutrition and the psychology of eating.

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