Delicious Raw Cheescake

Raw desserts are so hot right now!  I've been sceptical about how much flavour they have, but recently there's a local raw dessert bar that's opened near me and I've been blown away by how yummy they are.  And bonus - you don't have that post sugar energy dive that's so common with desserts and cakes.  I've been playing around [...]

My Top 10 Tips for Mindful Travelling

I used to travel almost weekly in my corporate job. This might sound glamorous to some...and yes, I had some awesome times when travelling with my colleagues to conferences in Vienna, Bali, New Zealand and Hayman Island, and training in South Korea and Beijing. But for the most part, travelling for work is tedious, tiring and lonely. [...]

Decadent Chocolate Brownie (& yes, they’re pretty much guilt free!)

I've been craving chocolate lately (probably like any other student at assessment time!) and I have to admit it's easy (even for me) to just give in and eat it, even knowing what I know about nutrition. So I figured it's time to make a beautiful brownie recipe with an epic chocolate hit, without the sugar [...]

HTW Delicious Fruit Free Granola

Breakfast to me is special.  It's my most favourite meal.  And while it's easy to fall in a rut and have the same thing everyday (and I've been doing this for years), with a little planning, you can mix it up and discover some amazing new flavours and textures that will improve the variety in [...]