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Yoga & Meditation Packages

Private Yoga Classes

Susie can design an individual Yoga practice for you in the privacy and comfort of your own home, or in a hired venue of your choice (additional charge).  These sessions are held in Brisbane and are perfect for those who are:

  • New to yoga
  • Have current or recovered injuries
  • Returning to practice after an extended absence
  • Have a hectic schedule which makes attending studio classes difficult.

The luxury of a private yoga session means that your specific needs can be addressed with Susie’s complete focus on you.

To receive the health benefits of a tailored yoga practice Susie offers an Indulgent Yoga Package of 3 sessions. The first is 75 minutes long so that Susie can fully understand your needs and then enjoy 1 hour of yoga. This is followed by 2 x 1 hour yoga sessions over the following weeks at your convenience. You can choose whichever yoga styles you wish (Hatha, Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Restorative), and don’t worry, Susie can help you understand what these different types are.

Buy Indulgent Yoga Package only $255 for 3 sessions

Myofascial Release Sessions

Susie is trained in Myofascial Release (MFR) techniques using therapy balls and this is an amazing way to improve flexibility and to release tension.  Susie can teach you these specialised techniques in just one session.  MFR is awesome for athletes, yogis and those with muscle spasm linked to injury.  In fact, this technique is for anyone who’d like to improve their flexibility.

Would you like a myofascial facial as well?

Susie uses beautiful Amethyst crystal Chinese Gua Sha massage tools to improve blood flow to the facial tissues – flushing out toxins and leaving you glowing!  It’s very relaxing and a meditative, mesmerising experience. This technique combined with Yin Yoga is a divine way to release tension in the body.

An Amethyst crystal Gua Sha facial can be added to any of these packages for just $40!

To receive the health benefits of  MFR and deep tissue stretch, Susie offers an MFR and Yin Yoga package of 3 sessions. The first is 75 minutes long focussing on MFR so that Susie can teach you how to do this for yourself.  This is followed by 2 x 1 hour sessions of Yin Yoga incorporating the therapy balls over the following weeks, at your convenience.

Buy Divine mfr + Yin package only $275 for 3 sessions

Private Meditation Sessions

Meditation is recognised for its therapeutic value and Susie is a highly qualified and experienced Registered Meditation Teacher.  She has undergone training with renowned teachers to develop meditation programs to address your therapeutic goals, as well as for stress reduction.  Susie has completed Level 2 Integrative Restoration (iRest) training which is an evidence based meditation practice for building resilience and managing:

  • Stress
  • Insomnia
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Chronic Pain
  • Chemical Dependency
  • Chronic Illness

To receive the incredible therapeutic benefits of meditation, a regular practice is vital. To support you with this, Susie offers a Therapeutic Meditation Package of 3 sessions. The first is 60 minutes so that Susie can understand your specific needs and craft a bespoke meditation experience for you. After this, there are 2 x 45 minute sessions included in your package. This package is tailored to your individual needs and therefore suits all levels from absolute beginner to experienced practitioner.

Buy the therapeutic meditation package only $255 for 3 sessions

Corporate Yoga and Meditation Classes

Susie provides professional Yoga and Meditation classes to numerous corporate clients, tailored to their individual requirements. Meditation services can be booked independently of Yoga classes for your staff if you prefer. These bespoke Yoga and/or Meditation sessions can be held onsite at your place of business or at a venue of your choice.  Please use the Contact Form to send Susie a brief message and she will be in touch to discuss your specific goals for these services.

Susie is trained to teach Purna Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga.

Susie teaches studio classes exclusively at SoHo Yoga (Newmarket & Fortitude Valley) and Santosha Yoga Space in Paddington, Brisbane. Click the Yoga Trail icon on the right side of this page and check out reviews from her current students. Susie’s yoga classes are suitable for all levels of yogi, and beginners will feel very comfortable in Susie’s classes.  You will finish the class feeling energised yet peaceful and ready to face the day ahead.

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Private/Corporate Yoga Class FAQs

Absolutely. Susie tailors each class according to the requirements of the participants and all levels of experience are catered for.
Yes! Absolutely! One of the great things about yoga is that it caters for everyone. The objective of doing yoga isn’t to show off how flexible you are, it’s about BECOMING more flexible over time, which has it’s inherent health benefits.
We could just say – “see previous question”, as often these two questions go hand in hand.
If your concern is not so much that you don’t think you’re flexible enough, but more that yoga is more for chicks then be assured, yoga is for everyone, including blokes!
  • To enhance your experience, mobile phones must be turned off or on silent (not vibrate) during a yoga/meditation session.
  • It’s best not to eat meals for up to 2 hours prior to a yoga session. Light snacks are ok.
  • Please let Susie know if you have an injury, illness or are pregnant, for your own comfort and safety.
  • If you are unwell with flu or a cold, please relax at home and only come to class when you’re well.


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